BFO2466 – Stretchy Belt

The Fat One finishes telling about a very busy weekend. Happy Slurpee Day (7-11)!

BFO2465 – Boiled Peanuts

The Fat One had visitors at the Villa and he tells all about them and the weekend on today’s LITTLE show. Happy Monday!

BFO2464 – Thunder Moon

The Fat One closes out the week by catching up on all his voice letters before ending with some nattering. Happy weekend!

BFO2463 – Teefy Paste

The Fat One has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, the coupon, voice letters and more. Happy National Fried Chicken Day.

BFO2462 – More Scrutiny

The Fat One recaps a quiet holiday at the Villa and then answers some Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy humping!

BFO2461 – Detective Bacon

It’s Independence Day in the USA and the Fat One has a special LITTLE show for you! Happy National Barbecued Spareribs Day.

BFO2460 – No See TV

The Fat One recaps the weekend which included a trip to the Kohl’s, a cruise update and some Big Brother nattering. Happy Independence Day Week (USA only).

BFO2459 – One Year to Retirement

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One closes out the first half of 2017 with some nattering about what’s been going on over the past 3 days. Happy Weekend!

BFO2458 – Pride48 Weekend Part 3

Today is the final part of the LITTLE show from Pride48 weekend. Happy Almond Buttercrunch Day.

BFO2457 – Pride48 Weekend Part 2

Today is the second part of the LITTLE show from Pride48 weekend. Happy Humping.