Bye-Bye Boys

So far these boys are off the current quiz programs. RUINED… not so much. Big Brother American Idol

Attention Big Fatty Online Listener(s)

The vigil is over – Big Fatty Online is now OFFICIALLY in the iTunes Store. Unsubscribe now! Please send all 4-Star reviews to A Shanty, No Lemon.

BFO15 – Full Moon Craziness

It’s a full moon and the Fat One is on a roll with voice letters, a Quiz Program update, “Memory Lane” music and talk about crazy neighbors.

BFO14 – Poop & Music, But No Poopy Music

Big Fatty can’t fucking talk but still doesn’t shut up.

BFO13 – Lucky 13

Well the train not only goes off the track but there’s also a chicken involved.

The Boys of American Idol

So which of the boys will you be cheering for this year?  All 12 perform Tuesday night (2/19).  They will also be posted on the iTunes. Chikezzee (22), Colton (18), Danny (18) & David (17) David (25), David (24), Garret (17) & Jason (20) Jason (28), Luke (29), Michael (29) & Robbie (26)

BFO12 – Happy Prezzy Day

Big Fatty has to work today but he still finds time to RUIN a podcast with voice letters, “Memory Lane Music” and a BB9 gay update.

BFO11 – BB in the FATcave

Catching up on Week 1 of Big Brother 9.

BFO10 – BF Loves Cox

BF heads down Memory Lane with music and a story from first grade. Voice letters and a FLASHBACK to the Little Fatty Cast.

BFO009 – Poppers, Music and Voice Letters

BF takes some voice letters and talks about poppers before throwing in some “Memory Lane Music.”