BFO26 – BF’s Surprise Drunkcast

Today’s show number is out of order because I wasn’t planning to do one today but Larry Klye insisted that I should since I was drunkie.  Don’t judge…. just call the voice letter line.

Key West Listener Party

Big Fatty whoops it up with 2 listeners in Key West. They seemed to be typical of Big Fatty’s fans. Special thanks to Bill, the Gay Construction Worker, for his gift of the PIG t-shirt (with alterations by Miss Kitty. BF got LOTS of compliments about the t-shirt.  

Pub Tour Queen

Here is BF along with his Pub Tour Guide Larry Rick (left). Rick was a bigger queen than Eric the Southern Boy in Yankee Land and we loved him just as much as Eric. We hit 4 “straight bars”…. well they were before WE got there. 4 cocktails in 2 hours (you can drink on […]

Going South

Big Fatty leaves his mark (not in his underpants) at the Southernmost Point of the U.S. during the Key West fat walk.  

Big Fatty and his Luggage

Oh Lord! Big Fatty got a HEAVY tag when he presented his luggage at the port. Larry Klye (left) joined the FAT ONE at the weigh in. More photos later including the Key West listener party.