Set those VRC’s

Next Sunday is the premiere of Million Dollar Password.  This is cute…. especially at the very end.

BFO81 – Onion Pie and Seagulls

Big Fatty babbles about crapola like some out-of-control Woober before playing voice letters and “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Birthday to the BFO Historian Brian!

Eat My Ass – It’s Delicious

Listener Brian sent me this link for edible ass-shaped chocolates. The perfect gift to make people think. Just click here to go to the website to order.

BFO80 – Carn Sarn It

BF sends out thanks for some surprise Wishes Come True. There are voice letters and “Memory Lane” music featuring a triangle.

BFO79 – Growing Old and G(r)ay – The 40s

Supposedly, life begins at 40 and BF and Auntie Vera tell you if it was true for them.

BFO78 – Impersonating Chickens

Big Fatty does the world’s WORST impersonations on today’s show prior to talking about some quiz programs and offering up a twist on “Memory Lane” music.

DWTS Finalé Tonight and Tuesday – PC game keeps the fun alive

I know you are all excited (for various reasons) that the FINALS of Dancing With The Stars is TONIGHT and TUESDAY night.  A new computer game for the PC is now available to hold you over until next season.  BF is pissed it is not available for the Mac.  Thanks ABC.  RUINED.

BFO77 – Wrecking the Train Elsewhere

BF tells of his HORRAH weekend and the new Gay Days Blogsite before ending with some good old fashioned “Memory Lane” music.

Gay Days Blog Up and RUINED

Many podcasters and listeners will be at Gay Days at Disney in Orlando the first weekend in June. Now if you can’t make it, don’t get poopy. You can keep up with the fun at a special blog created just for that weekend. It can be found by clicking on the photo of Queen Liz […]

BFO76 – Run Away, Big Fatty Sings

There’s music, there’s singing, there’s “Who’s the Host.”  Undoubtedly, there will be a little vomit in the back of your mouth.