BFO75 – Diamond Show

Big Fatty is back to his regular trainwreck today for the DIAMOND episode which includes voiceletters from 2 attorneys… YIKES.

Gay Days Podcast-a-palooza Schedule

Sweet Mother of God it’s actually gonna happen. The “Tea with Queen Liz” event time has changed again… I wish that old pile of roast beef would get it together. It now starts at 3:45pm. Arrive on time so you can be properly received.  Bring cash.

BFO74 – Growing Old & G(r)ay — Our 30s

Big Fatty welcomes Auntie Vera Charles for a mini series of weekly chats on Growing Old and G(r)ay. To prove he is old, Big Fatty forgets to hit the record button when they talked about their 20s (basically 1976-1985). RUINED! So, today we discuss our experiences from our 30s (basically 1986-1995). Enjoy and look for […]

BFO73 – Spaghetti & Cheese

The Fat One can’t talk from the very start but somehow fills up 20 minutes concluding with a spaghetti & cheese.

BFO72 – Twisting Down Memory Lane

Big Fatty chats about the weekend and some e-letters he received before debuting a new twist to “Memory Lane” music for this week. Don’t forget that MONDAY NIGHT is the deadline for accepting to the High Tea event during Gay Days.

Time Change! Tea now at 2pm! NO, It’s 3:45pm NOW

To accommodate the expanding guest list of Vag supporters interested in attending Tea with Queen Liz (and her vag), we have had to move the time to 2pm… NO, it’s now at 3:45pm on Saturday, June 7. The time is the only detail that has changed. You still have until Monday evening to let the […]

BFO71 – The Red Wine Drivlecast

BF has been to a farewell reception and had a couple of glasses of red wine before he drives this one into the ground.  Today’s “Memory Lane” music is a sing-a-long so warm up those vocal chords.  Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Tea with Queen Liz and Podcasters

If you’re interested in joining a group of us for afternoon tea during Gay Days, let Big Fatty know NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 12… and NO, BF will NOT be paying for your nibbles and tea.   Check the prices (tax and gratuity not included) before you accept.  Click the audio player to relive […]

BFO70 – The Big Announcement

BF plays some out-takes from yesterday’s interview with Mr. Vader (V-E-D-E-R), voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music prior to a big announcement for those attending Gay Days in June.  More information about the Gay Days event will be posted here on the BFO at Noon eastern today (Thursday, May 8).

Gay Days Announcement!

As promised, Big Fatty has a special announcement for those going to Gay Days.