“The Kids” Write a Book

Big Fatty sure was surprised to see that his kids have written a book. Considering the topic, it’s sure to be on the New York Times “Most Horrifying List.”

BFO101 – The Celebration Continues

More looking back at the “Memory Lane” music from episodes 69-99 on this first day of Summer.  Thanks for listening!

San Francisco “Meet and Greet” Announced

Mark your calendars now for the San Francisco Meet and Greet. Come out and buy the Fat One and Miss Kitty an adult beverage. Lots of fun and inappropriate touching. Bring your camera and favorite Big Fatty story. Saturday, July 5 • 8pm • Everyone Welcome The Mix – Neighborhood Bar in the heart of […]

BFO100 – The Century Mark

It’s the 100th episode of the BFO and so we look back at the “Memory Lane” music from episodes 51-68.  Episodes 69-99 are tomorrow.  Thanks for listening and enjoy!


Big Fatty went through his photo library and deleted old photos (except the BFO logos).  Unfortunately, I did not realize that this would delete them from the BFO posts.  Sorry!  I promise to be “less anal” in the future.  Go ahead, give me the FINGER!

Related or is it Just a Good Reason to Touch Inappropriately?

Turniphead (left) and Brian from Boston (right) seem to either be HOT-to-trot or related, twice-removed. What do you think?

BFO99 – Did Archer Shat Himself?

Giggles about Stool Softeners, unusual voiceletters, “Memory Lane” music and a mystery sound from the Archerradio studios… what better way to spend a Full Moon day.

BFO98 – Happy, Happy

There’s quiz program talk, there’s voiceletter, there’s onion pie recipes… oh wait…. there’s “Memory Lane” music.  So other than the onion pie recipe, what more could you want?

Big Brother X Starts Sunday, July 13

Here’s the latest commercial for this summer’s edition of BBX.

OK, one more cutline contest for ya. But this is it!

So many thoughts on this one… what’s yours?