Look out Whorelando, here we come!

Larry Kyle and I have decided to get on the road late Tuesday afternoon for the Gay Days trip.  If you see us remember to HONK IF YOU LOVE BF!

What’s Your Sexual Nationality?

John in Ely sent this sex quiz to me. It’s FABULOUS. John is a Hot Blooded Brazilian in the sack. Big Fatty is 89% Italian. Mama Mia… that’s a spicy set of meat balls. Take the quiz and let me know what country you represent. (I love the name of the website.) ‘Are You British […]

BFO88 – So Excited I Forgot to Post the Show!

Oh Lord. The Fat One forgot to post today’s show. RUINED. Don’t forget to check out the podcast-a-palooza website for lots of fun photos. MEH!