Poopy Cowboy

Gay Rodeo Cowboy Steven was evicted from the Big Brother X house on Wednesday night.

Patron Saint Collectible

Order yours today at this fabulous website.  Tell ’em Big Fatty sent you!

BFO124 – Guilt Trip

Big Fatty talks about casting his play before he tells everyone about a guilt trip make-up from Ryan Star-Jones.  There’s Cartoon Memory Lane music AND big, fat singing too!  In other words, tt’s a trainwreck.

BFO123 – Pod Fading

BF plays some voiceletters and does a throw down on pod fading…. in’s not just the podcasters.  Oh, and there’s Cartoon Memory Lane music too!

BFO122 – Broadway Bound

Big Fatty is a little tired tonight because he recorded AFTER his Sunday Night auditions.  Yawnfest continues with a LIVE phone call from Larry Klye and some Cartoon Memory Land music.

Miss Wes in Palm Springs

Big Fatty got to spend some extra time with Miss Wes in Palm Springs.  Here are a few of the photos.  Enjoy and Live It Up!

BFO121 – Mmmmmm, Bacon!

BF gets in his “Cartoon Memory Lane” music, some voice letters, a recipe and general ruination today.  It’s a Full Moon so look out for the crazies and more Palm Springs photos (at noon eastern).

A Few Photos from Palm Springs

Big Fatty and Miss Kitty enjoyed spending some extended time with Tim Corrimal and Ron while in Palm Springs. Here are some fun photos. Tomorrow at noon, look for a photo montage of Miss Wes.

BFO120 – Landing to the East

BF brings you up to date on the trip back to South Carolina and some Big Brother updates… plus a little of this and alot of that.  Basically, a 20-minute trainwreck.

Someone’s Poopy!

Brian, who THOUGHT he was running the show in the Big Brother house, was the first person evicted in the X season. <Insert Poopy Music> P.S. I still can’t think who he reminds me of…. RUINED.