Charleston Apple Snack Progressing Nicely

Larry Klye and I peeked through the baracade today (after eating BBQ) and saw the storefront and interior progress of the Apple Snack store.  There was individual touching soon thereafter.

BFO119 – Gazing with Miss Wes and The Patron Saint

BF is joined by Miss Wes of “Live It Up” and Tim Corrimal of “Tim Call an Ambulance.” Big Fatty also tries out a program called Levelator to even out BF’s overmodulation.

BFO118 – Farewell Cally-forn-yuh!

Miss Kitty (aka the FHoS) sits near the Fat One as he has sound issues…. imagine that… BUT, there’s Cartoon Memory Lane music. Woo Hoo!

BFO117 – Everyone was at the Hootenanny… well almost.

Big Fatty is PPNPS on today’s show as he reviews the Southern California Meet n Greet which was attended by no people within 200 miles of the Hamburger Mary’s!  RUINED.

Palm Spring Meet & Greet Photos

Here are a few photos from the Hootenanny at the Hamburger Mary’s.  A good time was had by all.  More photos to come!

Don’t Forget! Palm Springs Meet ‘n Greet Tomorrow

Join Big Fatty and Miss Kitty TOMORROW at the Southern California Meet ‘n Greet in Palm Springs.  We can enjoy adult beverages, snicka snacks and lots of laughs and inappropriate touching.  Bring your camera and cash (we love ya but ain’t paying!) We’ll be there with podcasters Tim Corrimal from “Tim Call an Ambulance,” Nessa […]

BFO116 – Chillin’ In Palm Springs

BF and Miss Kitty have arrived in the Palm Springs and have checked in at the Helios Resort.  There are a couple of voiceletters and a short dose of “Memory Lane” music.

The Menz of Big Brother X

The 13 contestants for Big Brother 10 have been announced.  Here are the 7 menz that are in the house this summer.  More info about them (and the women) are at the really good BB10 Spoiler site.  Big Brother 10 premieres Sunday, July 13 at 8:00 pm EDT. Brian (27-CA), Dan (24-MI) and Jerry (75-TX) […]

BFO115 – Catching Up

BF catches up on some items he’s been meanin’ to tell you before he heads for the Fat Cave to discuss Big Brother X.  Oh yeah, he actually has some “Memory Lane” music too!

Only in San Francisco – Part II

More of BF’s RUINED photography.