BFO165 – Come On You F’ing Goober

Ruined, Ruined, Ruined.  The Fat One guarantees ruination with some voiceletters thrown in to boot.

BFO164 – Scalded Chicken

The Fat One has a story about the Apple Snack store, the LAST “Biloxi Blues” review and some voiceletters for your hump day.

BB DISTRACTIONS compliments of Big Fatty

The Fat One threw in a scene or two that included some selected shirtlessness.  Most BFO listeners would find it HARD to follow the progress of the show at these times.  Enjoy.

BFO163 – Happy Independence Day Mexicans

The Fat One chats about a lot of crap to include another review for the “Biloxi Blues” and some “Memory Lane” music.  Name a better way for the Mexicans to celebrate Independence Day, I dare you.

Last Chance to See the BIG BALLS

I’ve suggested that you watch “Wipeout” all season long but TUESDAY NIGHT is your last chance to see it this season.  PLEASE give it a watch on Tuesday at 8pm, 7pm central, on ABC.

Biloxi Blues photos

At the request of the Fat One, Mr. Larry Vader (V-E-D-E-R) took photos during a dress rehearsal of the “Biloxi Blues.”  Big Fatty has used these photos to create a photo book for wach of the cast members as a thank you gift.  Here are snapshots of the pages of that book.  Enjoy.

BFO162 – Visible Ham

The Fat One recaps the first part of podcast-a-palooza weekend in Charleston and has an extended “Biloxi Blues” update and a review of the show!

BFO161 – Opening Night!

The Fat One takes a little time to play “Memory Lane” music before he gives a preview of Opening Night of “Biloxi blues” and the Thurday preview audience.  He also checks to see if anyone guesses what’s on his Inappropriate Touch!

BFO160 – Titular

The Fat One takes to the switchboard at plays all the voiceltters he has.  Call NOW and be first in the que for the next voiceletter-a-palooza.

BFO159 – A C*cksucker of a show

The Fat One is hoping that this episode works because there’s a throw down on British John, a “Biloxi Blues” update and some Archer-inspired “Memory Lane” music.  P.S. The Fat One CAN retire from the Coal Mine today after working there 28 years.