BFO186 – The Blah-Blah Cast

Someone’s been poopy…. Shatty McShat Shat hosts today’s casting filled with voiceletters and a Kiwi Big Run update.  Hilarious!

BFO185 – 10 Pounds of Bacon

The Fat One talks about his shopping experiences and napping of the weekend… oh and thank goodness he has the brown sheets on the bed.

Friday Fun with a Maverick

Just a few things to make you smile to kick-off the weekend.  Make sure you visit this website for LOTS of giggles:  PALINasPRESIDENT Campaign photos sent from different listeners:

BFO184 – Tally Whacking Radish Planter

Dear Gussie!  I don’t even know what the heck this one is all about.

BFO183 – PNS Invasion

Big Fatty is in the middle of his show when the PNS Explosion teleports in to drive the train completely off the tracks.

BFO182 – Something’s Weird

Things are a bit strange today as Big Fatty plays voiceletters, opens a package from the post office box and reveals the origin of the BFO theme music.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO181 – “Golf Clapping”

It’s the Full Moon so the Fat One has lots of craziness on today’s show along with a butt load of voiceletters.  Enjoy!

BFO180 – Gummi Bears

BF was so excited about the Publix coupon that he just about shat himself.  The “Memory Lane” music returns today and the Fat One reads some interesting e-letters.  The train really goes off the tracks.

BFO179 – 10-10 and Listenin’ In

The Fat One has voiceletters to answer on this fabulous Friday!  Enjoy!

BFO178 – Sea Hag

The Fat One has been to the Post Office and opens his mail (not male) for your enjoyment before he natters about other podcasts and the Sea Hag.  Happy Thursday!