The HORRAH Winners

Just in case you were interested…..

BFO271 – A Sash But NO Tiara

The Fat One has returned from the HORRAH weekend with some of the details.  If anyone is still subscribed after 4 shows with the Sea Hag, enjoy this one.  Don’t forget to check back here at Noon for a special photo.

BFO270 – President’s Day Prezzies

The Fat One is back and PROMISES that this is the last show with the Sea Hag (for now).  BF is back with a HORRAH recap tomorrow.  Happy Monday.

BFO269 – How Unlucky!

The Sea Hag is back to make your Friday the 13th unlucky early… it has to get better after this.  Call BF 4 VD.  Happy Weekend!

BFO268 – Conscience and The Sea Hag are Here!

Oh Lord….. the Sea Hag is doing some sort of sea chanty so Conscience steps in to fill the airwaves at the start of the Abe Lincoln Day show.  Don’t forget that VD is Saturday and 1/2 price candy is Sunday.

BFO267 – Boinged by Cupid’s Arrow

The Fat One is filled with love during VD week and decides to reach out and welcome someone into the Fat fold for a few days of chitta-chat.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO266 – Rat Fink

The Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to chitta-chat about the upcoming start of the new quiz programs.  There’s also a postcard to read AND some old-timey phrases that he shares.  Happy Tuesday!

BFO265 – Grammy is not an Old Person

Oh Lord, the moon must be full because the Fat One is all over the place on this one.  Hold on and Happy Monday!

Does BF Have a Second Job?

Who  thinks that BF posed as the model for this delicious frozen treat?  OR perhaps Kim Beaver is now putting BF’s face on ice cream containers….

BFO264 – Reading the Mail

The Fat One closes out the week reading a magazine and his auto insurance bill but does slip in a couple of voiceletters.  Happy Weekend!