Get Ready!

The Fat One has convinced the Patron Saint of the BFO to assist with posting some of the film strips from the Bacon Lover camera.

BFO294 – Huge Penis

The title of today’s show has nothing to do with the show… just a test to see if there are more downloads.  The Fat One is feeling much better today and  wishes you a happy first day of Spring!

BFO293 – Cosmofilibration

The Fat One is PISSED today and airs out some frustration on Coal Mine issues and other things.  He rants and rants some more before he cheers up after a voiceletter.  Today’s dress:  Zesty Casual.

BFO292 – Outside Pecker

The Fat One natters about different podcasts and plays a few voiceletters during National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day.  Happy Humping!

BFO291 – Pinch Me…

It’s time for the wearin’ of the green and the natterin’ of the Fat One.  BF is back in the Fat Cave giving the final report on the cruise and driving the train right off the tracks.  Ah… it’s good to have things back to normal.

BFO290 – So Long Solstice

The Fat One is off the ship and headed back to Charleston.

BFO289 – At Sea

We’re back at sea today and Saturday but Curacao was something to behold.

BFO288 – Curacao

Welcome to the Dutch Antilles.

BFO287 – Isla Catalina

Oh Lord, it’s the Dominican Republic today but the Fat One tells about zipping down theDragon Line hoist.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO286 – Labadee

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Labadee.  BF brings  you up to date on the big sailaway festivities.