BFO315 – Fresh Pineapple

The Fat One has a “Blow It Out” moment before chatting about several ailments experienced over the weekend.  Happy Monday.

BFO314 – Calling ’em Out

Big Fatty answers some questions and e-letters, before he hits the Listener Map and calls some slack people out… including Larry the Lurker!  Happy Friday!

BFO313 – Get out Your Pencils

The Fat One natters about podcasts and websites that he’s been made aware of.  Get out your pencils to write down the www’s.  Happy Thursday.

BFO312 – Gazing With (Ph)reddy

Big Fatty has tracked down (Ph)reddy from Austin and makes him explain his noticable absense from the podcast world.  Happy Hump!

BFO311 – Taking It On the Chin

The Fat One has an unusual sound clip to share before playing some voiceletters and an appeal to donate to a special charity fund.  Happy Tuesday!

BFO310 – Chocolate Pig

The Fat One has some surprises to share today including the brand new, never-done anywhere, segment… “Ask Big Fatty!”  Happy half-price Easter candy day!

BFO309 – Honey Bar & Tootsie Roll

The Fat One has an Easter Weekend Hootenanny for you today.  There’s citta-chat, singing, whispering and music.  Hope your basket is filled with BIG EGGS…

BFO308 – Voiceletter Ketchup

The Fat One has a voiceletterpalooza today and catches up on a back log of calls.  Happy Passover Thursday!

BFO307 – Set Your TIVOs

The Fat One natters and natters before he natters on today’s trainwreck.  Ah!  It’s good to be “regular” again.  Happy Hump Day!

BFO306 – The Cast of Shatalot

Big Fatty welcomes a HUGE group on this episode of The Gaze.