End-of-July Prezzies for the Fat One

WOW!  Even the Fat One is blown away by these giftettes.

BFO389 – Death by Chocolate

The Fat One takes it off the tracks in the opening sequence and just tumbles into an end-of-the-month natterfest.  Happy National Go Commando Day!

Harry Poppers

What could follow an episode entitled “Giant Tallywacker” except a photo of Harry Poppers from Tiara Horror 5.  Oh the Horror! 

BFO388 – Giant Tallywacker

The Fat One is back to a regular trainwreck filled with gas, voiceletters and a little breaking news.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Kim Beaver Special Day yesterday.  Look for a special photo on the BFO today at noon!

Yearbook Yourself, Just Like BF

The Fat One told you about the yearbookyourself.com and here are some examples of BF at different time periods.  Oh the HORROR! 1950 and 1952 images; 2nd row: 1958 and 1990; 3rd row:  1996 & 2009

BFO387 – Special Day!

Well the Special Day has arrived and the Fat One hopes that you appreciate this episode and others on the Interwebs as we all honor a special person with a Heart of Gold on St. Olav’s Day.  Check-out www.yearbookyourself.com!

BFO386 – Mother Nature’s Candy

Well the Fat One is back today with another Natterfest.  He chitta-chats about smoking, grapes and praying…. yup, praying.  Plus there are some surprises.  Don’t forget that the Special Day on the Internets is TOMORROW!

BFO385 – Jugs O’Welcome

The Fat One brings a superior nattercast that leaves the tracks early in the process and just keeps crashing.  Happy Creme Brule Day!

Giftettes… Woo, Hoo!

Just thought you all would like to see the goodies that the Fat One received this week.  Thank you to all who have been nice to BF throughout this whole process.  Hammmmppppppffffff.

BFO384 – Twenty-One Cents

The Fat One has a special skitette for your entertainment today before he answers a couple of “Ask Big Fatty” questions.  As a special weekend treat, come back to the BFO at Noon EDT and see the photo of the giftettes that the Fat One received this week.  Happy Weekend!