BFO465 – Nuts and Balls

Big Fatty tries to remember things that happened during the weekend with limited success.  BF needs help with tire purchasing and tells about the coupon.  Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month.

BFO464 – Everyone is a Comedian

The Fat One fixes (sorta) the problem with the Thusday show before playing some voiceletters on the last Friday the 13th of 2009.  Happy Weekend!

Dear Gussie!

OK, I’m not sure what happened but the Thursday show has been reuploaded and seems to be correct (I think).  Delete the original download and redownload the show from the iTunes.  Perhaps some deer urine splattered on the computra.

BFO463 – Forgotten Bagels

The Fat One features the Patron Saint of the BFO and Ron Prada-Soho on today’s show since this may be the last we hear from them as they prepare to avoid deer urine during their visit to the Surface of the Sun.  Happy National Chicken Soup for the Soul day.  Dear Gussie!

BFO462 – Coptering Above the Estate

The Fat One has a live report from Larry the Veteran who is on the Surface of the Sun.  There are lots of voiceletters and even a special invitation issued to Daniel Beaver.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO461 – BF’s Chex Mix

The Fat One is off to the dentist today but not before telling you about the remainder of the weekend (which included an overserving) and another surprise or two.  Enjoy!

BFO460 – Swollen Head

The Fat One has such a jam-packed show that he doesn’t even get through the entire weekend of Coal Mining events.  There’s exciting news to share with everyone.  Happy National Vegetabletarian Month.

BFO459 – Auxilary Rat

The Fat One ends the week with a nattercast which includes some very old “Ask Big Fatty” questions.  Happy Weekend!

BFO458 – Reading the Mail

The Fat One takes it off the tracks with some birthday wishes, mail reading and a chance of a lifetime wedding offer.  Happy National Doughnut Day.

BFO457 – Dome of Delight

The Fat One is in a hurry to get to the Coastal Carolina Fair to ingest some fried food but takes some time to natter and play voiceletters (including an EXCLUSIVE caller to the BFO).