BFO553 – Deary O’Gussie

It’s St. Patty’s Day and the Fat One has a little jig for you before playing a recreation of a Jeremiah message and a voiceletter from a lurker.  Enjoy your Irish Flex Day.

BFO552 – Feces Fingers

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early on and continues running it into the ground BUT there’s an extra hour of “daylight” to enjoy it because of Daylight SAVING time.  Happy Tuesday.

BFO551 – Let It Loose

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave after a weekend of HORROR.  Here’s a FULL recap of the event and much more.  Happy National Pears Helene Day.

BFO550 – Big Meat Weekend

Dear Gussie, the Fat one is off to Myrtle Beach for a Horror weekend which includes lots of Brazilian meat.  But there are a few voiceletters to play before heading out of town.  Remember to SPRING FORWARD and lose and hour of nippa-nap time.  Womp Womp.

BFO549 – Something’s Weird

The Fat One has discovered some VERY weird things going on in the podosphere and he’s sharing them with you.  Dear Gussie there’s even time for the coupon, scratch-offs AND talk about a colonoscopy.  Happy National Oatmeal Nuts Waffles Day… VILE!

BFO548 – Clara Fication

Big Fatty is spinning the chat roulette wheel today to check out the site but also has fun facts about tiny pipes and more.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO547 – Hurling Fatty

Dear Gussie the Fat One has a grumbly tummy during today’s show but enjoys a Ginger Ale and some stomach advice before nattering the train off the tracks about the remainder of the weekend and comments on the the sound “quality.”  Happy National Crab Meat Day.

BFO546 – Glitter Run

The Fat One has been sickly over the weekend but still has plenty to yack about today.  If the shows sounds different today, it’s because the Fat One’s grandson made him change it up.  Happy Monday.

BFO545 – Motorized Backpack

The train heads off the tracks EARLY when the Fat One tells about a rain sound induced dream.  Thank Gussie there are voiceletters!  Happy Weekend!

BFO544 – Sweepstakes-a-palooza

The Fat One brings a NEW SEGMENT to the podcast today… something NEVER tried on ANY podcast.  Plus there’s nattering about mechanical things AND the return of the Coupon!  Happy Thursday.