BFO575 – Steel Girdle

The weekend has arrived and the Fat One finally finishes up the “growing old” list sent in by the Ramble Reedheed (per weinur).  Plus there is a coupon and news regarding the LFC for tonight.  Happy weekend!

BFO574 – Kathmandu Battler

The Fat one updates you on some listener lives before he plays voiceletters and announces the winner of Miss Kathy Bacon’s generous crisp $20 bill.  Happy Tax Day (U.S. only)

BFO573 – Rampant Rumors

Dear Gussie, the Fat One is having a natterfest as he reads some e-letters and talks about the Gay Days blog.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO572 – Ham Salad

It’s off the tracks from the start but the Fat One gets in a some voiceletters and a special contest from Miss Kathy Bacon.

BFO571 – Drool on a pillow

The Fat One is back from the HORROR weekend and has plenty of details to share from the event.  It’s an absolute natterfest.  Happy National Cheese Fondue Day.

BFO570 – Go Bathroom!

The Fat One is off to the Horror Hotel today but not before he chitta-chats and does the scratch-offs.  Plus there are voiceletters to get your weekend off to a great start.  Full HORROR details on Monday!  Same FAT time, same FAT channel.

BFO569 – Chocolate Gravy

The Fat One takes it off the tracks and is interrupted by Larry Klye for the set-up of the new TV and TIVO.  Dear Gussie, there are so many failed attempts to get things restarted that even the Fat One is cra-cra.

BFO568 – Almond Dilly

It’s Hump Day but the Fat One is just now finishing up telling about the Ham Holiday Weekend.  There’s also information about Str8 Bob, stories from the news headlines and a dream that only Big Fatty could have.

BFO567 – Scratch It!

The Fat One has a scratch-a-palooza for you today… is there a winner?  Plus everyone wins with some voiceletters.  Happy National Caramel Popcorn Day.

BFO566 – Medicinal Fried Chicken

The Ham Holiday has come to an end but the weekend was so jam-packed that it all wouldn’t fit into one show!  There’s a partial update of the Gay Days attendee list and news of the Fat Cave intertubes.  Happy Half Price Easter Candy Day!