BFO618 – Terminally Single Ten

There’s SCANDAL on the intertubes today but the Fat One still has time to catch up on all the voiceletters.  Happy humping!

BFO617 – I Had a Moment

Big Fatty has a list today which includes some things he saved about the weekend and a recap of his mail delivered to the Fat Cave during the vacay.  Happy National Lobster Day.

BFO616 – Big Flaggy

Back in the Fat Cave!  It’s a Natterfest as Big Fatty recaps the weekend (except the part when Guru Nudie and Loverman visited which is included on the Tuesday show) and the ride back to Charleston.  The A/C is on in the Fat Cave so if you hear a hummmmmm, that’s it.  Nothing durty!

BFO615 – The Exchanging of Pleasantries

The Fat One is all alone today with an update on the Fort Leatherdale visit and the arrival of Miss Kitty to the Twitterverse.  I’m off to the St. Pete area today and then back to Charleston on Sunday.  Happy weekend!.

BFO614 – Hot as a Mullet

Well it appears everything that was RUINED yesterday is working again.  The Fat One is feeling better but still not 100% so today will be a voiceletter-palooza plus there’s more information on the BFO app in the iTunes store.


Dear Gussie — I’m not sure why there was a problem with the hump day show but I have somehow fixed it.  Sorry for the delay.  WOMP WOMP. If you are still having problems getting the Wednesday show, unsubscribe and then re-subscribe.  If you’re having trouble with Vera’s show, just follow the first half of […]

BFO613 – Miss Kitty’s Box is Empty

Dear Gussie.  The Fat One is joined today by the one and only Miss Kitty from Charleston.  There’s nattering and belching and all the regular stuff.  Happy HUMP Day.

BFO612 – The Vomitron

Dear Gussie… The Fat One has a summer cold but is able to update you on more happenings from the Gay Days weekend.  The Wednesday show will be from Ft. Lauderdale for those who don’t pay close attention.

BFO611 – One Cheek Sitting

The Fat One is joined by Live It Up’s Miss Wes for some nattering about the Gay Days hootenanny and somehow the topic turns to poop.  Many thanks again to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the charming artwork.

BFO610 – shhortBus is Drunksies

Dear Gussie – The Fat One is not alone in the Auxiliary Fat Today so there’s lots of nattering.  The Gay Days has officially begun and it’s also the 53rd anniversirarium of that little show from the surface of the sun.  Thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s FABULOUS artwork.  Don’t forget the live Gay Days […]