BGO662 – It’s A Doozie

The Fat One starts the little show off with some scratch-off tickets and then natters about Bayonet Lifting prior to playing some voiceletters.  Finally, there’s an update to the BFO iPhone app which includes a 2nd Easter Egg.

BFO661 – Creamed Britches

It’s the start of the 2nd half of August and the Fat One has a full weekend of activities to report PLUS there were some wonderful Wishes! in the P.O. Box.  Happy National Bratwurst Day.

BFO660 – Foot Hosiery

It’s Friday the 13th and the Fat One has a show full of surprises for you today.  Have a great weekend.

BFO659 – No Headwind

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave so the ruination returns.  There are more birthday wishes and a few surprises too!  It’s good to be home.

BFO658 – Birth Canal Exiting Wishes

The Fat One recaps his final day in Scotland and then reads some special day e-letters and voiceletters.  Tomorrow’s little show will be from the Fat Cave.

BFO657 – Brown Bubbles

Dear Gussie — The Intertubes actually WORKED so I was able to upload the LITTLE SHOW.  I recap the weekend and chat a bit more about the UK Big Brother.  Thanks to the Patron Saint for the special artwork.

Ugh! These Intertubes…..

The Tuesday and Wednesday Little Shows may be late as well… but check often and make sure you get all three shows.  The Thursday show will be recorded from the Fat Cave so all should be OK by then.  MEH.

BFO656 – 080910

Dear Gussie it’s Miss Wes’ celebration of exiting the birth canal day and to honor the occasion, the Fat One offers up and aborti…… trainwreck.  There’s a review of the weekend’s activities and talk about the UK Big Brother.  NOTE:  The intertubes are EXTREMELY SLOW so shows will undoubtedly be late getting to you until […]

Not Sure About Monday’s Little Show

I’ve recorded the Monday Little Show but the intertubes are EXTREMELY slow and I cannot get the show to upload at the moment.  Maybe things will improve but if not, you may get it late.  WOMP WOMP.

BFO655 – Drawn Bath

The Fat One is in the UhK and doing it up right today as he tries to recover from the flight across the pond.  It’s mainly a recap of the trip so far.  Happy Weekend and special thanks to the Patron Saint for the special artwork for today’s LITTLE SHOW!