BFO705 – How Many Licks…..?

The Fat one natters and natters and natters as the LITTLE SHOW heads off the tracks.  BUT, it’s Friday and he also got the Coupon to regain control by the end.  Happy weekend!

BFO704 – Cricket Slang

The Fat One picks right up where he left off on yesterday’s LITTLE SHOW by opening the rest of the special cards.  Happy National Pretzel Month.

BFO703 – Duhlickuhsee

The Fat one has an update on the Ford Explosion and some exciting surprises to share… plus a few comments about the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

BFO702 – The Fatalator

Dear Gussie there is something wonky on today’s LITTLE SHOW.  Plus there’s an update on the Ford Explosion.  Let’s just say, WOMP WOMP.  Happy National Popcorn Popping Month.

BFO701 – Gigantithon

Dear Gussie McMussie – The Fat One recaps the weekend with BIG NEWS (although not as exciting as hearing about someone’s messy closet).  Happy Columbus Day for those in the USA.

BFO700 – Double Penetration

Dear Gussie – It’s starts off VULGAH and just natters from there.  The Fat One finishes the Farting  Fun Facts but still has time for an “Ask Big Fatty” and the coupon.  Don’t forget to participate in the special request on 10-10-10.  Happy Weekend!

BFO699 – Fried Fair Food Farting

Dear Gussie there are additional voiceletters today plus more scratch-offs AND a look at what you can add to your Chrima list.  Plus a few fun facts about farting.  Vulgah!

BFO698 – Lots on the Ignore List

Dear Gussie – It’s a voiceletterpalooza today but there’s still time for a scratch-off or two as well.  Happy National Noodle Day.

BFO697 – Check Your Make-Up

Today it goes off the tracks with a natterfest.  But the Fat One catches up on e-letters that contain funny pearls of wisdom.

BFO696 – 10-4 Good Buddy

The Fat one recaps the weekend and then chitta-chats about the Gay Trucker hearing double.  Plus there are scratch-offs AND a surprise.  Happy National Taco Day.