BFO755 – It’s Like Chrima 2009 Again

The Fat One has a special retransmission of the 2009 Chrima Spectacular.  Don’t forget there will be something special under your tree Chrima morning from the Fat One.  Ho Ho Ho!

Chrima Cards for Dec. 23

Today’s cards are from:  1-Tom and Terry in the Chicargos;  2-#1 Fan for 2009 Bill in St. Louis; and  3-Ken and Vinnie in the Connecticuts

BFO754 – Cards, Snowflakes and Candy Canes

Well time is running out before Chrima so the Fat One FINALLY FINISHES the pre-Chrima cards today before bringing you the 2008 Chrima Spectacular, “Archer the Snowflake.”

Chrima Cards for Dec. 22

Today’s cards are from:  1-Ginger Bear and Albino from Foul Monkeys;  2-Gay Country Boy Wes (not spelled CUNT);  3-Jay and Ron;  4-Darryl in the NoVAs

BFO753 – Chrima Kitties and a Fat Ass Reindeer

The Fat One is STILL trying to finish opening Chrima cards but has to stop abruptly in order to present the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, “Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.”  Happy National Date Nut (VULGAH) Bread Day.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 21

Here are today’s cards and more:  1-Fingering Gnome from Str8 Bob;  2-Card with scratch-off winnings from the Patron Saint and RPS;  3-Theresa in the Seattles;  4-Pooh Bear (and Piglet);  5-Amy;  6-VULGAH postcard from Theresa and Mother Theresa

BFO752 – Federal Expression

The Fat One recaps the weekend with Str8 Bob and opens just a few of the MANY Chrima cards he has received.  Dear Gussie McMussie!  Happy first day of Winter (northern hemisphere only).

Secret Photos of Str8 Bob

The Fat One and his Str8 boyfriend. Larry Klye and Str8 Bob show off a small part of the Fat One’s Take That music collection.

BFO751 – Gazing With Str8 Bob

The Fat One is joined by a VERY special guest for today’s episode of The Gaze.  Happy National Fried Shrimp Day.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 17

Today’s cards are from:  1-Saytr69 & the Impaler  and  2-Kevin & Brian in Danbury