BFO745 – Resident Hysterian

The Fat One closes out the week with a long list and plenty of Chrima Cards.  The time gets away before he announces that there WILL NOT be an LFC tonight and maybe not for the remainder of 2010 (we’ll see).  Special thanks to Tom of Tom and Terry in the Chicargos who sent the […]


Lovies – Don’t you DARE use this outlet at the Mountain Roasting Company in Felton, CA.

BFO744 – Licks Em Clean

The Fat One natters about alot of different things including some podcasts (especially one from Walnut Hills) and finishes up the Hanukkah scratch-offs.  Look for a special photo at Noon today.

Chrima Cards for Dec. 8

Here are the cards opened on the hump day LITTLE SHOW. 1 – Lurry Warbucks  2 – Olive  3 – Miss Kitty and his favorite dancing girl Olive  4 – Tara in Michigan

BFO743 – The Sniffenpoots

Well it’s hump day and the Fat One has a LITTLE SHOW filled with smells of the season and Chrima cards plus more than you EVER wanted to know about penguins.

BFO742 – Standardize Cornhole

The Fat One takes it off the tracks EARLY in the LITTLE SHOW and it just keeps getting worse.  There are voiceletters, a late birthday wish and more than you EVER wanted to know about Cornhole!  Happy National Cotton Candy Day.

BFO741 – You Forgot Your Carcass

The Fat One catches you up on the weekend’s events and LOTS of celebrations of Exiting the Birth Canal.  Plus there are some scratch-offs and lots of holiday nattering.

2010 Chrima Cards – December 3

1-Moose P. (21010 #1 Fan)  2-Princess Honah  3-Nessa  4-Patron Saint of the BFO and RPS

2010 Chrima Cards – November Arrivals

Based on requests by several listeners to the LITTLE SHOW, the Fat One will begin posting photos at Noon on the day the show is released so that you can actually see the lovely cards received in the Fat Cave. Here are the ones received in November.  Tomorrow will be the ones received so far […]

BFO740 – BF’s Dreadlocks

The Fat One closes out the week with Chrima cards  and a coupon…. what more could you want?  Did someone say coupon?  OK, there’s one of those too.  Happy Weekend.  NO LFC tonight.