BFO794 – Ratty Chrima Wreath

The Fat One shares some post-VD love from listeners via voiceletters plus there’s big news for all you Hemmeroid phone users.  Happy half price VD candy day!

BFO793 – Out With The Old…

The Fat One has a special VD show for everyone to enjoy that talks about moving on from the old and experiencing the NEW in your lives.  Plus there’s lots of music and a reminder about a special quiz program tonight.  Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the fabulous show art.  Send her some Twitty […]

BFO792 – Very Fragrant

The Fat One closes out the week (and prepares for the arrival of the Ginger Bear) with the coupon, a visiting to the P.O. Box and some Sing Along Memory Lane Music.  Happy VD weekend and special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s special show art.

BFO791 – Swifty Laazar, Junior

It’s a LITTLE SHOW filled with all kinds of music and updates.  Get ready to learn about Big Fatty’s cruise, Southern California plans and the differences between jails and nursing homes.  Plus there are voiceletters!

BFO790 – Watchin the Twitties

The Fat One tells all about his annual physical and then chitta chats about some new podcasts and snacks.  Plus there’s plenty on the Twitty!

BFO789 – Fiber Hunt

The Fat One finishes with the voiceletters and wishes for a happy anniversararium before sharing BREAKING NEWS from Walnut Hills.  Happy National Molasses Bar Day.  VULGAH!

BFO788 – A Teaching Moment

The Fat One has some special voiceletters and there was something in the P.O. Box!  Plus there’s an error on the Chrima happy… did you find it?

BFO787 – Who’s Gonna Win?

The Fat One announces the winners of both the coupon and #1 fan contests.  Plus there are some voiceletters and a special message from the 2010 #1 Fan.  A regular show tomorrow in your ears also.  Remember to download BOTH!

BFO786 – End of Year 3

Dear Gussie!  It’s you last chance to enter the coupon and #1 fan contests as Year 3 of the BFO comes to an end.  Today there are voiceletters, nattering and even a “Blow It Out” segment.  Don’t forget that Year 4 starts at halftime of the Buper Sowl on Sunday.  Thank you for calling!

BFO785 – The Omar Entity

This one is gonna repeat on you today so finish your Cheerios early.  There’s something strange going on in the Fat Cave… perhaps it’s caused by paint fumes or another smell in South Carolina.  Plus an old nugget is brought out of the vault just for Steve in the Uhk.  Happy Thursday.