BFO816 – Sneaky Little Pinch

Fatty o’Hatty is driving the big Mexican train off the tracks today.  It’s a natterfest that ends with the final installment of the Cruise entertainment schedule.  Happy National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day.

BFO815 – Conflused

Poor Big Fatty.  He’s CONFLUSED about things but still natters about Pride48 in Vegas.  Plus there is a Cruise Update and a chance for listeners to “read between the lines.”  Happy Humping.

BFO814 – Down the Pole

The Fat One tells us about the Ides of March today before entering the Fat Cave to talk about the upcoming quiz programs.  Plus the first part of the cruise entertainment is reviewed for everyone.

BFO813 – Varnished Fingernails

The Fat One recaps the weekend plus begins the big countdown to the cruise and has an update on BFO listeners in Japan.   Happy National Potato Chip Day.

BFO812 – Hot Mustard

It’s Friday and the Fat One is excited about a weekend of fun.  There’s an update on the Pride 48 event in Las Vegas, a Northern California trip update and lots of meat too.  Plus there are some voiceletters.  Remember to SPRING FORWARD as many of us move to Daylight Saving Time.

BFO811 – Lardest Färt

VULGAH!  The Fat One talks about gassiness and the Coal Mine Retirement Challenge again plus there is the coupon AND the Mystery of the Mexican Numbers has been solved.  Get your pencil ready!

BFO810 – He’s Back!

The Fat One tells about all the hoops he’s jumping through these days plus there is time for some interesting voiceletters.  What’s that smudge on your forehead?

BFO809 – Onety-One

The Fat One catches up on e-letters, has breaking news and needs YOUR help in figuring out a mystery.  Happy FAT Tuesday.

BFO808 – Catsnatch and Post Toasties

That Fat One natters about a busy weekend which also includes new information about the upcoming cruise.  Happy Monday!

BFO807 – Feeling Better Than a Coil of …….

Dear Gussie it’s off the tracks for your FRIDAY enjoyment.  There’s more celebrations of exiting the birth canal and a comparison of High Schools in 1957 and 2010.  Special thoughts also for Miss Lauren.