BFO837 – 2 Mile Walk

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One recorded the LITTLE SHOW and forgot to post it.  Poor Big Fatty.  There must be a full moon coming.  Happy Weekend.

BFO836 – Welcome to Vulgaria!

The Fat One has had a long day at the Coal Mine but natters about all kinds of things.  Plus Miss Wes has sent BF the National Anthem of Vulgaria (please stand an remove your pants.)  Special thanks to turnipHed for the artwork (get well soon!)

BFO835 – Come Through Fatty

Put on your Big Boy Pants because the Fat One is giving everyone a tongue lashing today.  It’s all in love but it’s time for everyone to stop podfading.  Plus there’s an update on the SoCal trip and lots of other nattering.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO834 – Numb Head

The Fat One has another update on the Southern California trip which probably will result in a case of the San Francisco treat.  Plus there is plenty of additional nattering.  Happy Podaversirarium to the Dragen podcast!

BFO833 – Absent Parent

The Fat One recaps the weekend and has an update on the Southern California Meet and Greet PLUS much, much more (the show art is a hint!)

BFO832 – Anal Agility

The Fat One has NOTHING to chat about today so he asks for questions on the Twitty.  Come back Monday for something better… maybe I’ll run to Von’s during the weekend.

BFO831 – I’ll Have an Arnold Palmer

The Fat One has lots to talk about today to include the COUPON and some chitter-chat about the Quiz Programs PLUS a voiceletter from the 2011 #1 Fan.  Happy No Housework Day!

BFO830 – Lucky Dice

The Fat One has the details about the Southern California Meet and Greet on today’s LITTLE SHOW plus the remainder of the voiceletters and a story from the 2011 #1 Fan.  Happy Humping.

BFO829 – Rotting Furniture

The Fat One has made the final payment on his retirement time today and tells about being back in the Coal Mine.  Plus there are voiceletters today!  Happy National Raisin and Spice Bar Day.

BFO828 – $15 a Day

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave with the final Cruise Update plus a catch-up on other things too.  Happy Monday!