Southern California Meet & Greet Tomorrow!

Remember to join Big Fatty at the House of Blues at Disneyland on Saturday at 3pm.  Lots of fun and a few surprises.

BFO862 – Rapture in Walnut Hills

The Fat One has arrived in Hollywood and recaps the flight and everything else that got him to this point.  Don’t forget the Southern California Meet n Greet on Saturday at 3pm in the afternoon at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.  Happy Rapture to all!

BFO861 – California Here I Come

The Fat One is inside the tube of pressurized death on his way to Southern California and an evening of HORRAH, BUT there was time for a LITTLE SHOW before leaving the Fat Cave.  There’s information about an unexpected coupon AND voiceletters.  Happy National Devil’s Food Cake Day.

BFO860 – Give Em a Gander

Just one day before the Fat One heads to the left coast and there’s lots to chitta-chat about.  Plus there are updates about the Meet and Greets.  Happy Humping!

Kim Makes Her Movie Debut!

It’s been a special week for Kim Beaver.

BFO859 – McDoodle

Dear Gussie it is a special birthday today.  Make sure you wish everyone’s favorite beaver a happy exiting the birth canal celebration.  Also there are lots of voiceletters for you to enjoy.  Plus it’s a FULL MOON!  Check out the special post at NOON today.  

Poodle McNoodle’s Goo-May Special Sauce

I’m not sure that this bottle is big enough for the upcoming Rapture Dinner.  Thanks to Guru Nudie for this digestive aid.

BFO858 – Preemptive Strike

The Fat One recaps the weekend and begins to look at this week’s big trip to the Left Coast.  Plus there was something in the P.O. Box!

BFO857 – 20,000

The Fat One has LOTS of interesting news on the Friday the 13th LITTLE SHOW.  Plus there are voiceletters.  Just one week until the Rapture Dinner.

BFO856 – Crossword Puzzle

The Fat One has something special in the P.O. Box today but it’s NOT for him… DEAR GUSSIE!  Plus there’s nattering about all kinds of other stuff and junk and some jokettes.  Happy Thursday.