BFO902 – BF Shares Some Music

Based on a suggestion by Atom Neutron, today the Fat One plays some of the songs and music that he enjoys.  Let me know if you like the idea and wish me luck with the Hats all weekend.  Happy Full Moon!

BFO901 – In the Ditch

The Fat One natters about lots of things although he keeps saying something about eating cake.  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s GREAT artwork.

BFO900 – Olfactory Name

The Fat One hits a milestone today and does the same old thing…. natter.  But there are some voiceletters and a special wish issued.  Happy Humping.

BFO899 – Verify With Vader

The Fat One has some updates on the weekend, Vegas, the Twitty and e-letters.  Happy National Pecan Pie Day.

BFO898 – A Skunk and a Stick

The Fat One recaps the weekend and chitta-chats about several other podcasters.  Happy National Slurpee Day (get it – 7/11)?  Poor Big Fatty.

BFO897 – Mattress Tips

The Fat One closes out the week with some chitta-chat about the space shuttle, Larry Potter and the need for a new mattress.  Plus there are several voiceletters.  Happy National Chocolate with Almonds Day.

BFO896 – Fortune Cookie

It’s another trainwreck today as the Fat One talks about the debut of Big Brother, sling removal and more.  Plus there’s even time for some Ask Big Fatty questions.

BFO895 – Dihydrogen Monoxide

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today with nattering, reading e-letters and a gentleman caller report PLUS some breaking news that can provide you a free sample AND a coupon.  Happy humping.

BFO894 – Ugly Guy

The Fat One finishes the weekend and holiday recap and still has time for extra nattering.  Happy National Apple Turnover Day.  Special thanks to the Patron Saint of the BFO for today’s show art.

BFO893 – Pop You

The Fat One has the day off from the Coal Mine but NOT from the LITTLE SHOW.  There’s all sorts of things in this episode to make you go “oooooh” and “aaaaah.”  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the special artwork today.  She’s just the best!