BFO1014 – Plant the Ham Seed

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but has a full report about the Horrah Hotel and the highlight today is the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.

BFO1013 – Shutting Down the Fat Cave

The Fat One opens the final Chrima cards he received prior to leaving for Hatlanta and then recaps the weekend and the Horrah Chrima Party. Happy National Hard Candy Day.

BFO1012 – Formed Meat

The Fat One natters about several thing before opening cards and packages. Special Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal taking place in Walnut Hills…. Details (not necessarily in a timely manner.)

BFO1011 – Pep In Your Step

The Fat One has fun and exciting news today as he opens cards and more. Happy National Cupcake Day.

BFO1010 – Leaky Plumbing

The Fat One tells of another unfortunate situation in the LOVE chamber before opening the “postage due” card and a package that requires a visit to the Wiki.  Happy National Bouillabaisse Day.

BFO1009 – Cards, Cards, Cards

The Fat One spends the day opening cards he received and then has to pull out the vacuum cleaner.  Plus there’s a special birth canal exiting today.

BFO1008 – Fortnight Flop

It’s a weekend recap and lots of fiber talk before some of the Chrima cards are opened.  Happy National Cocoa Day.

BFO1007 – Peter on the Brain

The Fat One closes out the week with more Chrima cards and some other surprises.  Enjoy a busy, busy, busy weekend.  Happy National Pastry Day.

BFO1006 – Snore Boaters

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early and often today as he natters about the quiz programs and pets.  Plus there’s a Chrima happy to open.  Happy National Chocolate Brownie Day.

BFO1005 – Just a Bunch of Stinkers

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One has had quite the day.  There was lunch with Miss Kitty, a special call from Miss Bacon (which I cannot play on the show) and a trip to the P.O. Box.  Happy National Cotton Candy Day.