BFO1035 – Heart of Gold, Fart of Old

Big Farty is late to the LITTLE show and stays confused the entire hour (or 20 minutes). There’s an e-letter from the winner of the Bacon-calling contest and some voiceletters.

BFO1034 – Spotting Big Fatty

The Fat One has a recap of the weekend before he Blows It Out about the political ads on the TV machine and robot calls. Plus we announce the winner of the Kathy Bacon 2011 Calls to the BFO Contest. Happy National Fig Newton Day.

BFO1033 – Last Call

The Fat One natters about why the Thursday LITTLE show was late posting to the iTunes plus there’s a rundown of everyone who has entered the Bacon-calling Contest that ENDS TODAY! Have a lucky weekend. Happy National Peach Melba Day.

BFO1032 – The Loon

The Fat One proves that you don’t have to have anything to say to fill a 20-minute LITTLE show. Don’t forget that TOMORROW is your last day to enter the Bacon Calling Contest. Happy National Curried Chicken Day.

BFO1031 – Did You Know?

The Fat One has a fact-filled show today. It’s very interesting for people who are old. Don’t forget to get your guesses in for the contest by FRIDAY.

BFO1030 – Shreadin’ and Shuckin’

The Fat One is nattering about pizza pie but still has time for some voiceletters. Don’t forget the Kathy Bacon Calling Contest ends THIS FRIDAY. Happy National Bittersweet Chocolate Day.

BFO1029 – Just a Mess

The Fat One recaps the weekend as the Full Moon approaches. There was also a trip to the P.O. Box. Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting your guesses on how many calls Miss Bacon had to the BRO in 2011 is due by THIS FRIDAY.

BFO1028 – Vow of Promptness

The Fat One closes out the first week of 2012 with a trip to the Vons East, the P.O. Box and a few odd surprises from Mexico. Don’t forget to guess how many times Miss Bacon called the BFO in 2011. Deadline is NEXT FRIDAY, Jan. 13.

BFO1027 – Hoodwinking

Dear Gussie, the Fat One has drama to report today after being fooled by a listener (or two). Plus there is big news about the BFO and the last of the Chrima cards (we think). Happy National Whipped Cream Day.

BFO1026 – Password Change

The Fat One natters about commercials, iTurds an takes some voiceletters prior to opening some additional cards (there are more). Happy National Spaghetti Day.