BFO1057 – 24 Trips

The Fat One tells about his trip to the HORRAH Hotel before he natters about other things PLUS there is a post-VD Public Service Announcement. Happy National Gum Drop Day.

BFO1056 – There’s A Midget

Happy VD everyone! The Fat One has a hint for you if you are being robbed while getting cash money at the ATM machine and opens a few cards in red envelopes. Thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s artwork!

BFO1055 – Unforeseen Calamities

The Fat One kicks off the week of love with a report on the weekend and a visit to the P.O. Box. Happy National Tortellini Day. Thanks to Miss Lalalalalauren for today’s artwork.

BFO1054 – Bacon Winner

The Fat One finally plays the entries for the Bacon Contest today plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and a SKULL Update! Happy National Pizza Pie Day.

BFO1053 – 35-35-35

The Fat One reads an e-letter appeal from Tim in Alaska before catching up on a late “Exiting of the Birth Canal” and some voiceletters. Happy National Pistachio Day.

BFO1052 – Verbal Diarrhea

VULGAH! That’s today’s LITTLE SHOW. The Fat One is WAY OFF the tracks and never finds his way back at all. Poor Big Fatty.

BFO1051 – Tissue Insert

CLEARLY it is the Full Moon today because there is alot of craziness on today’s LITTLE SHOW. The Fat One plays voiceletters, opens a Chrima card and natters like crazy. Happy National Fettuccini Alfredo Day.

BFO1050 – Big News Snacks

Someone has been overserved today so it’s a gigglefest. But the Fat One does open a few cards and a package. Other than that, Poodle McNoodle doesn’t remember what the hell he did or said. Don’t forget there was a new LITTLE SHOW on Sunday night also! Double the ruination!

BFO1049 – Start of Year 5

The Fat One starts year #5 of the BFO, as is tradition, during halftime of the Big Game. The Fat One reviews some of his favorite commercials from the first half before reading the final #1 fan entries which arrived on Friday. Then Poodle McNoodle reaches in the colostomy bag and pulls the #1, #2 […]

BFO1048 – End of Year 4

The Fat One closes out the 4th year of the BFO with some voiceletters and #1 Fan submissions. Don’t forget that you can enter any time on Friday, Feb. 3 before midnight Eastern Time. And don’t forget to tune in to a SPECIAL SHOW on SUNDAY, FEB. 5 posting at halftime of the Big Game. […]