BFO1144 – Exhaustipated

The Fat One is still sick but has a special show for Friday. There’s lots of nattering and a visit to the mail bag (sounds VULGAH). Don’t gorget Father’s Day on Sunday. Here are the links for the May and June State of the Station LITTLE shows. MAY STATE OF THE STATION JUNE STATE OF […]

BFO1143 – Express Hamming

The Fat One is under the weather today but still has the strength to put out the LITTLE show. There’s a special treat to share and much more. Happy Flag Day.

BFO1142 – Confused Ulterior Motives

The Fat One has a recap of the Pride 48 State of the Station show from Monday and voiceletters of today’s Hump Day LITTLE show.


The Fat One ruined the Tuesday show also but it has now been corrected. To make up for that, here is a little Gay Days vidjo taken by Digger in the Chicargos. BF dancing

BFO1141 – Bacon Abuse

The Fat One has some sad news to pass along today but things cheer up as the 20 minutes pass. Get ready to set your VRCs for the TV machine. Plus there is a visit to Spotting Big Fatty.


There were some gaps in the original posting of the Monday LITTLE show but those have been corrected although the updated version may not be on the iTunes yet. Guaranteed ruinination.

BFO1140 – Alligator Alley

The Fat One recaps the weekend in St. Petersburg and all the HORRAH that went along with it. Happy National German Chocolate Cake Day.

Was Vera at Gay Days?

Never seen before evidence that Vera WAS at Gay Days 2012.

BFO1139 – In a Pickle

Miss Kitty is back and she natters with the Fat One about large drinks and lots of food plus mosquito bites. Happy Weekend and don’t forget to look at the photos around noon in the only time zone that natters.

BF was VULGAH at the Gay Days