BFO1209 – Podcasting Cape

Dr. E. Pluribus Stone joins the Fat One today to recap the goings-on at Pride 48 so far plus there’s an update on Miss Beaver’s box. Don’t forget the Pink Carpet later tonight at 7pm EDT and the BFO traditional 20-minutes of silence starting at 9pm EDT. Join the chat room and support all the […]

BFO1208 – Examine My Bag

The Fat One is in LAs Vegas and recaps the trip to the Pacific time zone. Plus there’s news of a special guest arriving in Las Vegas also. Coincidence? Happy Buffet!

BFO1207 – Crazy Pills

The Fat One is on his way to Las Vegas today but took time to record a LITTLE show for your hump day. There’s a review of items from the final State of the Station and more. Tomorrow’s LITTLE show from the Auxiliary Fat Cave at the Luxor. Happy Humping!

BFO1206 – It’s Never Too Late

The Fat One has a list but it still turns out to be a train wreck. Imagine that. There’s a scratch-off, voice letters, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and more! Never forget.

BFO1205 – Put a Nipple on a Handle

The Fat One reviews the weekend which includes a Granny Report and a trip to the P.O. Box. Don’t forget the FINAL State of the Station LITTLE show is tonight, Sept. 10, at 8pm (in the evening) EDT. Happy National TV dinner Day.

BFO1204 – Stand in Judgement

The Fat One finishes out the week with some Pride48 reminders, information about the BFO app and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Weekend!

BFO1203 – Sweat Equity

The Fat One calls into the Jury Hotline LIVE on today’s LITTLE show before he natters and plays voice letters. Happy National Rice Month. Lacist!

BFO1202 – Compensated For Our Time

The Fat One has brought Order to the Court and has a FULL REPORT on being in the jury pool on Tuesday. He also thought he would play voiceletters but nattered too much. Also, there’s IMPORTANT INFORMATION for anyone going to Las Vegas and ARRIVING on WEDNESDAY the 12th.

BFO1201 – Raise Your Right Hand

The Fat One is off to Jury Duty today but takes the time to natter about the upcoming Quiz Programs and has a big announcement also. Happy National Macadamia Nut Day.

BFO1200 – White Shoes

Today is just a trainwreck as the Fat One natters about the weekend before he has a belated Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal, a few Vegas reminders and a walk-though of some of the new features on the BFO app 2.0. Happy Labor Day (USA only).