BFO1233 – Happy Fatty

The Fat One is VERY happy today because NEITHER KB is really mad at him. There’s a review of the coupon and some voiceletters today to celebrate. Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day. LOVELY!

BFO1232 – KB is Pissed

Dear Gussie! Vladimir (BF’s new nickname) has made Miss Beaver mad but hopes to get on her good side soon. Until then, he has a special Exiting Celebration to catch up on, a visit to the Fat Cave for some Quiz Program nattering and even a chance to see the newest additions to Spotting Big […]

BFO1231 – Can I Come Spend the Weekend?

The Fat One finishes telling about the weekend before giving a chicken soup recipe and recommending a TV show. Plus we lear the reason there was no LITTLE show from Walnut Hills last Friday. Happy National Seafood Month.

BFO1225 – Haywire

The Fat One natters and natters about the weekend. Plus there is a Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal and the correction of a missed one. Happy National Chicken Cacciatore Day.

BFO1224 – Reading the Obits

The Fat One is VERY tired today and so today’s LITTLE show is about old people. There’s chat about obituaries, exiting the birth canal and some old people jokes… plus a quiz. Happy weekend!

BFO1228 – 10-11-12

The Fat One has his pants off as he opens a couple of surprises he found in the P.O. Box. Plus there is a chance to read some of the BFO Census forms. Happy World Egg Day.

BFO1227 – Checkin’ the Password

The Fat One can’t remember what he talked about in the first half of the LITTLE show but he did play voice letters and give a Hatarina update in the second half. Happy humping.

BFO1226 – Frosty Beverage

The Fat One natters about the weather and the HATS before playing this year’s Texas State Fair Fried Food Report. Happy National Apple Month.

BFO1225 – A Life of Living Hell

The Fat One is celebrating today along with Mexicans on the LITTLE show. Plus there is a weekend update and call for today to be a Random Act of Kindness Day. Happy Monday!

BFO1224 – Drool Cup

The Fat One closes out the week with an explanation of why he’s made comments about the podcast awards before he celebrates several Exitings of the Birth Canal and some voiceletters. Happy weekend.