BFO1362 – Dialer’s Cramp

The Fat One natters about catching up with several listeners before he takes several voiceletters. Happy National Eggs Benedict Day. VULGAH!

BFO1361 – The Fiber of Your Ears

The Fat One natters about other LITTLE shows before introducing a new segment and the weekend update. Happy National Glazed Spiral Ham Day.

BFO1360 – Complete Plumbing?

The Fat One finishes out the week with some nattering and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy weekend!

BFO1359 – New Sponge

The Fat One has lots of voice letters, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, the coupon and a little MAGIC! Happy National Cheese Fondue Day.

Trucker Alex Spots the Vonz

Oh Lord… the Old Gal isn’t a shut-in after all.

BFO1358 – I May Have Gagged

The Fat One natters about the quiz programs and an update on the Hats before heading over to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping.

BFO1357 – Be Kind, Rewind

The Fat One has BIG news today but also finds time to natter about the Twitty and play some voiceletters. Happy National Chinese Almond Cookie Day.

BFO1356 – Hootie Owl

The Fat One natters about the weekend and food he cooked before taking an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Empanada Day (sounds Mexican).

New Glasses

Here are the Fat One’s new specs.

BFO1355 – There’s More Pressure

The Fat One is still having upload problems but today’s little show includes nattering about technology, Spotting Big Fatty and voiceletters.