BFO1385 – Poopin’ With Poodle

It’s Miss Beaver’s birthday and the Fat One is celebrating and so will you when he reads the very last BFO Census form. Happy weekend.

BFO1384 – Fatty’s Clinic

The Fat One natters about the upcoming trip to the HORRAH Hotel and HATlanta. Then there’s stroll down Memory Lane before catching up on some BFO Census forms. Happy National Asparagus Month. VULGAH!

BFO1383 – Damn Good Lookin’ Man

The Fat One has a full report on his visit to El Dentisto and the person he saw after stopping by the ATM machine where he got some cash money. Plus there’s a visit to the Fat Cave to natter about the quiz programs. Happy Humping!

BFO1382 – Makes Your Heart Tingle

The Fat One natters today about the Hats and thanks everyone for suggestions for HD TV machines. Then there are voiceletters and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.

BFO1381 – Robin Egg Blue

The Fat One kicks the week off with a full weekend recap and a visit to the P.O. Box. Happy National Coconut Torte Day.

BFO1380 – Third Wheel

The Fat One finishes the week with nattering about Granny & Miss Porter, Mother’s Day, a trip to Mexico and bacon… plus a little sad news to share. Oh and did I mention a Gentleman Caller? Happy Weekend.

BFO1379 – Always in the Middle

The Fat One natters about the hats, big balls and the coupon before reading some e-letters. Happy National Butterscotch Brownie Day.

BFO1378 – Hot Hose

The Fat One has a few updates to his quiz program talk from yesterday but then visits Spotting Big Fatty and plays several voice letters. Plus there is some reading too! Happy Humping.

BFO1377 – 57

The Fat One celebrates the end of the Vonz’s 57th year but also has time for the coupon and important quiz program information. Plus we announce the winner of the Comment Contest prize. Happy National Roast Leg of Lamb Day.

BFO1376 – Hurt Fingers

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today by not being able to speak coherent English. There’s a weekend recap and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty before the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from Miss Bacon. Happy day-after racist chips and salsa day.