BFO1612 – Crowning Pig

The Fat One spends today’s LITTLE show reviewing a good weekend. Happy Monday.

BFO1611 – Come Clean

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering, voice letters and a few updates. Happy Weekend!

BFO1610 – Out of House and Home

The Fat One does a lot of nattering today but there is also a report on the coupon and what was in the P.O. Box! Happy National Frozen Food Month.

BFO1609 – Sneeze-O-Meter

The Fat One takes it off the tracks and natters for the entire 20 minutes today. Happy Humping!

BFO1608 – Barbara Blvd.

The Fat one has a show filled with nattering and voice letters but there’s also a trip over to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Pecan Day.

Amazing Giftette

Here is the cover of the amazing book Kim Beaver sent to Big Fatty. The interior is full of great memories.

BFO1607 – Cacklin’ Hens

The Fat One recaps the weekend which includes Granny’s new diet and opening a very special giftette in the P.O. Box. Happy Monday.

BFO1606 – Long Overdue

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering, some talk about the Quiz Programs, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, opening P.O. Box contents and more! Happy Weekend.

BFO1605 – Seafood Platter

The Fat One natters about springtime before visiting Spotting Big Fatty and taking some voice letters. Plus there are some corrections, the coupon and a song for the basketball tournament. Happy National Ravioli Day.

BFO1604 – Call Me Impressed

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early and natters his way through the 20 minutes with a voice letter and more. Happy Humping!