BFO1821 – Take Two

The Fat One and Granny recorded a FABULOUS LITTLE show and BF ruined it so you get to hear Take Two of the show which turns out to be a train wreck. Happy Weekend.

BFO1820 – Crinkie-Winkie

The Fat One natters, giggles, visits Spotting Big Fatty and take some voice letters on today’s LITTLE show. Happy Strawberry Ice Cream Day.

Last Chrima Cards of 2014

Here are the finals Chrima (and birthday) cards of 2014. Many thanks to everyone who sent Chrima greetings.

BFO1819 – Take A Nap

The Fat One finally finishes opening all of the 2014 Chrima cards today and still has a little bit of time to natter. Happy Humping!

BFO1818 – It Was Dank

The Fat One finishes the weekend report with nattering and gentleman callers. Plus there are more Chrima cards AND a list of gay destinations! Happy National Peach Melba Day. VULGAH.

BFO1817 – It’s a Contender

The Fat One natters about the weekend but doesn’t quite finish so part 2 will be on tomorrow’s LITTLE show. Happy Monday!

2014 Chrima Cards #9

Here are the cards that I have opened on the last three LITTLE shows.

BFO1816 – Mission Impossible

The Fat One is still sick but doing much better. On today’s LITTLE show, there’s nattering, Chrima cards and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Look for a photo of Chrima cards at Noon today. Happy weekend!

BFO1815 – Grandma’s Buick

The Fat One is still under the weather but records today’s LITTLE show right after a hot shower. There’s nattering, Chrima cards, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and voice letters. Happy English Toffee Day.

BFO1814 – Nyquil Soup

The Fat One is sick today but still has a LITTLE show for you which includes the opening of more Chrima cards and playing some voice letters, including an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy humping!