BFO1953 – Pool Noodle

The Fat One is joined by Derwood, Granny and Dr. Stone as they attempt to recap the Hot Dog Down a Hallway for Hendrick (and everyone else). It’s VULGAH! Happy Monday.

BFO1952 – Delicate Olfactory Senses

The Fat One is joined by a special (as in short bus) guest and then by Dr. Stone as we recap the last night in the Villa and the trip to the HORRAH Hotel. Happy Hot Dog Weekend!

BFO1951 – Recommended by Dr. Stone

Prior to departing for the HORRAH Hotel, the Fat One and Dr. Stone are back in the Villa nattering about where they have eaten and what they have watched on the TV machine. Happy National Corn Fritters Day.

BFO1950 – Is There a Dr. in the Villa?

The Fat One has a special guest in the Villa today… Dr. Wes Stone. He natters about the New York and Connecticut portions of his trip and he and BF drink sangria. Happy Humping!

BFO1949 – Peppermill and more!

** OOPSIE – The Fat One forgot to attach the LITTLE show to the post. It’s here now!** The Fat One has a BIG update from the State of the Station on Sunday night. Find out what’s going on and important deadlines that are looming. Happy Macaroni Day. To participate in the Peppermill dinner, e-letter […]

BFO1948 – Anatomical Picture

The Fat One recaps the weekend that included a gentleman caller, something in the Villa mailbox and lots of nattering plus there’s a preview of what’s coming up this week from the HORRAH Hotel! Happy Monday!

BFO1947 – Tidbits

Oooopsie! The Fat One recorded the LITTLE show and then forgot to post it to the iTurds. Poor Big Fatty. Well, now you have something to listen to this weekend if you live in the future. Happy weekend. Don’t forget State of the Station Sunday, July 12 at 8pm EDT.

BFO1946 – Flogging Granny

The Fat One fills today’s LITTLE show with nattering, the coupon and voice letters. Don’t forget that there will be a State of the Station on Sunday, July 12 at 8pm EDT. Happy National Sugar Cookie Day.

BFO1945 – TATITC 20

The Fat One natters for the full LITTLE show with some Ask Big Fatty questions and the reading of the mail. Happy humping!

BFO1944 – Hornet’s Nest

The Fat One natters a little about the Coal Mine, sportsball and Big Brother before and extended episode of The Vader and Bacon Show. Happy National Strawberry Sundae Day.