BFO2166 – Dusk to Dawn

The Fat One celebrates TWO special exitings today before he finishes recapping the HORRAH weekend. Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day

BFO2165 – Hot Seat

The Fat One is back in the Villa today and begins to tell all about the big HORRAH weekend! Happy Monday.

BFO2164 – Dr. Battler

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel but pre-recorded a LITTLE show today which includes an Ask Big Fatty question and several voice letters. Happy Friday the 13th!

BFO2163 – Purple Tongue

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with nattering, reading an episode of the Vader and NO Bacon Show. Happy Nutty Fudge Day.

BFO2162 – Sugar Cube

The Fat One natters a bit and then gives a history lesson about Bill Cullen before heading into the Fat Cave to talk about the quiz programs. Happy Humping!

BFO2161 – Fatty Patty

The Fat One recaps his day at the Coal Mine and then has some voiceletters, cards in the Villa mailbox and some additional wisdom about turning 60. Happy National Shrimp Day.

BFO2160 – Took Away the Buzz

The Fat One natters about his upcoming vacations before reviewing the weekend’s activities (between belches). Happy National Butterscotch Brownie Day.

BFO2159 – International No Diet Day

The Fat One has a special LITTLE show today to celebrate the Old Gal’s Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal plus there’s an episode of the Vader and Bacon Show. Happy Walnut Hills Weekend!

BFO2158 – Kick Back

The Fat One has a special Cinco de Mahnaise show for you today which includes the coupon, details on the June Content Contest and a story about getting old. Happy Racist Chips and Salsa Day.

BFO2157 – Lard Maintenance

The Fat One has an update on the new Villa lighting system but also natters about quiz programs and much more. Happy Humping.