BFO2733 – Catching Up (without Mike or Joe)

The Fat One hits hump day with an update on Pride48 and then has several voiceletters (some very old) and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy humping!

BFO2732 – Tepid Tummy

The Fat One is back to conclude his weekend report plus to share the details of his best day of retirement. Happy National Peach Ice Cream Day.

BFO2731 – Side of Nipple

The Fat One is back in the Villa with a recap of the Hot Dog Down a Hallway weekend. Happy National Corn Fritters Day.

BFO2730 – Hallway Down the Hot Dog

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel but took time to pre-record today’s LITTLE show which includes lots of nattering, voiceletters and an Ask Big Fatty question. Happy weekend!

Retirement Giftettes

Here are the giftettes that I opened on today’s LITTLE show.

BFO2729 – Pitted Prune

The Fat One is back with a full recap of his retirement which includes a few surprises, lots of nattering some giftettes and the coupon. Happy National Pecan Pie Day.

BFO2728 – Vera Repellent

The Fat One is on Cloud 9 today because he received a very talent-filled giftette. Plus there’s lots of nattering and several voiceletters. Happy National Slurpee Day (7-11). CLICK HERE to visit Alex Lefevre’s www page. CLICK HERE to hear the Old Gal’s Special Chair commercial.

BFO2727 – Shame ’em All

The Fat One has a recap of his first day of his second week of retirement which includes a gentleman caller report and lots of nattering. Plus he FINALLY begins catching up on voiceletters… ’bout time! Happy National Piña Colada Day.

BFO2726 – But First…

The Fat One kicks off week 2 of retirement with a weekend recap (or what he can remember) before nattering about a brand new LITTLE show he’s doing with old crooked hat. Happy National Sugar Cookie Day.

Retirement Cards and Giftettes

Here are the cards and giftettes that I received for retirement. Hopefully I didn’t forget any since its taken forever for me to open them all.