BFO2833 – Waa Waa

The Fat One has a riveting LITTLE show today which includes reading Twitty Follower Requests and nattering about his rainy weekend. Happy National Lager Day.

BFO2832 – Squishy Stuff

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day and an update on the Hatarina. Happy Weekend!

BFO2831 – Booby Warmer

The Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres and then offers everyone a chance to HOST the LITTLE show over the holidays. Happy National Fruit Cake Month.

BFO2830 – Street Walker

The Fat One recaps his day, to include his visit to El Dentisto (Mexican for, El Dentisto) before opening a card or two. Happy Repeal of Prohibition Day (celebrated with vigor in Walnut Hills).

BFO2829 – Tinsel in a Tangle

The Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres before opening the first Chrima cards of the season. Happy National Cookie Day!

BFO2828 – Forgotten Celery

The Fat One recaps the weekend on this first LITTLE show of December. Happy National Apple Pie Day.