BFO2888 – Dog Food

The Fat One is planning to be on his way back to the Villa today but recorded a LITTLE show prior to leaving Hatlanta. There’s LOTS of Celebrations of Exiting the Birth Canal and LOTS of So-So questions. Happy Weekend.

BFO2887 – Greyhound Acres

The Fat One has lots of So-So questions today in addition to the usual nattering. Don’t forget that So-So question month ends next week.

BFO2886 – Cat Scratch Fever

The Fat One is in Hatlanta and has a recap of the trip over and has some voiceltters and lots of nattering. Happy Humping!

BFO2885 – It’s a Doozie

The Fat one is in Hatlanta but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show prior to departure. It’s got some voiceletters and so really unremarkable so-so questions. Happy National Chocolate Mint Day.

BFO2884 – Powdered Wig

The Fat One is back with a recap of his Walnut Hills-style weekend plus a history lesson. Happy Monday! Read George Birthington’s Farewell Address HERE!

BFO2883 – Instant, Not Insta

The Fat One closes out the week with lots of nattering and several So-S0 question voiceletters. Happy Weekend! (This artwork is so So-So that it doesn’t even fit right on the www.)

Cards and Giftettes (except the music)

Here are the cards and giftettes I’ve recently received.

BFO2882 – 1 minute

The Fat One sends our VD love to everyone with today’s LITTLE show that tells about a movie he watched, the coupon and some giftettes. Happy National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day. Special thanks to Miss Lauren for today’s and yesterday’s special artwork.

BFO2881 – Flip Flop

The Fat One had a busy day which he tells you all about prior to playing several voiceletters (all of which came in during February). Happy National Italian Food Day!

BFO2880 – Melon Collie

The Fat One is back with plenty of nattering, some So-So questions and a few voiceletters. Happy Stovepipe Hat Day.