BFO3067 – Beaver Moon

The Fat One is on his way back to the Villa but has lots of voice letters to share. Happy National Pizza Pie with Everything (except anchovies) Day!

BFO3066 – Silent Alarm

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but recorded today’s LITTLE show before departing. There’s plenty of Veteran nattering and voiceletters to enjoy. Happy National Sundae Day!

BFO3065 – Weird and Creepy

The Fat One is rejoined by Ron and Jay of Haunt fame for a recap of their visit to Fat Acres. Happy Weekend!

BFO3064 – Feather Music

The Fat One has special guests in the studio today as he recaps his day in Fat Acres, the coupon and the Little Mermaid. Happy Georgia Pecan Month.

BFO3063 – Prove A Point

The Fat One is back with lots of nattering about his day in Fat Acres and the Dancin’! Happy National Nachos Day.

BFO3062 – Vote Citizens!

It’s Election Day in the USA and the Fat One is encouraging everyone to do their civic duty. He also recaps the remainder of the weekend, talks about his day in Fat Acres and has a special Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Doughnut Day.

BFO3061 – Flo and Jake

The Fat One is back with a recap of Gay Chrima and the first half of the weekend in Fat Acres. Happy National Candy Day.

Gay Chrima Cards and Postcards

Here are the postcards the Fat One recently received and the Gay Chrima cards he opened on today’s LITTLE show.

BFO3060 – Woodworm

Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s the start of the Chrima season and the Fat One celebrates by reading his Gay Chrima cards before sharing a special treat — a Friiiiiiday kerfuffle. Happy weekend!