BFO16 – Cruising with BF

The Fat One talks about his upcoming gay cruise, onboard entertainment and planned excursions. If that’s not enough RUINATION, British John from QCast Connection serenades BF.bfscruiselogo.jpg


  1. There can never be to much FAT!!! I could listen to you every day Big Fatty!!!

    Love the Show and I am so glad that you are back!!

    Tara in Michigan

  2. These British can sing as they can cook 🙂

  3. There are several things I love to do on a daily basis to treat myself – listening to BFO
    is one of them (actually I can listen to BF while I am treating myself with my other favorite hobbies)

  4. Seven days of Fat is one short of perfection. More is more lovie!

    Please be careful in the caves….I hear there are homo biting bats in Belize.

  5. I would love some fat every day, of course, but if that is too much I guessss i can deal with every other day instead. How many shows are you up for each week? Since you do not use the computras, I imagine it might turn into a pile of fat if you record it too much? Or maybe all that practice with the computras would improve your skills!

  6. I think you should wear a microphone everywhere you go. Be the Big Fat Brother of the podcasting world.

  7. The thing is, with your episodes lasting 20 minutes, it’s easy to keep up with daily, so I think you’ve got it about right.

  8. Congrats on finally getting on iTunes! The 4 star reviews can begin!

    Your cruise sounds like fun. I’m sure you’ll have a great time and get into some trouble!

    I think you should continue to podcast 3 to 5 times a week. Your show is short enough it can be digested each day. So I’d listen 5 days a week.

    British John singing…hmmm…..not sure what to think of it but I did enjoy the song and the lyrics.

  9. How about Michael from Schtupgart for your next episode of “The Gaze”? The man makes me laugh with his posts…can only imagine what he would be like when he was actually speaking.

    Hope you are having a wonderful time on your cruise.


  10. Hello, is this thing on…….

    my hubby and I are doing a a cruise at the end of April on RCCL.
    We are actually doing a back to back, or B2B….
    Ft Lauderdale to Keywest to Cozumel back to Ft Lauderdale, then FT Lauderdale to Key West to Cozumel to Belize then back to Ft Lauderdale. 9 fabulous nights….

    Can’t wait till we get back to sea…