BFO296 – Humdingers

The Fat One chitta chats on hump day about all kinds of stuff before playing several voiceletters.  Plus he reveals today the name of the new segment on the BFO.  Enjoy!



  1. I love Scotty and his show as well and I can’t agree more that I won’t be visiting that area

    Bet you will have alot of fun at Gay Days!

  2. Can’t wait for that amazing new segment you are advertising for. But hey dear, why not use some hand lotion? And no it is not that time of the month

    love you xo kb

  3. I’m looking forward to both the new segments. Can’t wait to hear people blow it out with Big Fatty. Oh, and glad I could clear up those directions on how to fast forward with the shuffle.

  4. oh I have so many questions for you….
    first of all who is your hairdresser?

  5. Dear Big Fatty,

    How do you prevent someone from blatantly and shamelessly ripping you off?

    Constantly Stolen From