BFO310 – Chocolate Pig

The Fat One has some surprises to share today including the brand new, never-done anywhere, segment… “Ask Big Fatty!”  Happy half-price Easter candy day!



  1. I know why Archerr asked you about how to clean leather stuff 🙂
    He got himself a leather toilet seat to make his constipated hours on it more comfortable –

  2. Note to self: after cleanin up today, make a photo tutorial of how to make a pound cake. Send the results to Big Fatty and Auntie Vera.

  3. You didn’t play my theme when you first said my name. When you were opening your package.

    You are stupid.

    And a thief.

    And ugly.

  4. Michael in STGT knows me too well! Thank you SO much for answering my question. 🙂

  5. Good Grief. In this episode; juices and grease, with the promise of teabagging in the next one.

    That’s it. -There’s NO WAY i’m listening to the next episode without a safety word.

  6. Good thing I just vomited… because I’d be hurling all over the place after that.