BFO314 – Calling ’em Out

Big Fatty answers some questions and e-letters, before he hits the Listener Map and calls some slack people out… including Larry the Lurker!  Happy Friday!



  1. You didn’t play my theme when you said my name.

    You are stupid.

    And fat.

    And a thief.

  2. better to be totally “out of control” than “out of space” – just saying 🙂

    Live long and fibered V 🙂

  3. oh poop, I need to stop being a Larry-the-Lurker one of these days (are you still a Larry-the-Lurker if you’ve put a pin in the listener map?). Hi Big Fatty 🙂

  4. So glad I wasn’t called out on this one!

  5. Oh shit – look now they can fly!!!!

    Have you seen Scotty’ s contribution? Hilarious 🙂

  6. WTF big fatty! I comment a lot )= I’m a proud listenturd. I just dont like leaving voicemails.

  7. Grest show.

    Scary balls. Now I have to take a hot poker to my eyes.

    Would you add my blog to your Fat Favs?

  8. Jesus Wept.
    Don’t get me wrong; I loves me some BigFatty, but how frequently does he bring a show to a grinding halt to demand a fucking GROUP HUG?

    Hey, I comment and email, but don’t call in or send photos. -Am I a lurker or not?