BFO322 – International Dance Day

The Fat One has an International themed show for you for hump day.  There’s music, chitta-chat, voiceletters and more!  Get ready for the cha-cha!



  1. I was not familiar with the memory lane music. Never heard of it. But I was dancing through this whole episode. 🙂

  2. Yes BF, you did stump me on this one. I was hoping for something I knew, like the old show Big Valley, or Bonanza, something old that I remember. Or even it is before my time, I do not mind. Hey BF. do you remember that Brian and I had something special for you that we were making? It will soon be on its way to you.

  3. If you like chicken, like I like chicken…

  4. Huh … seems like your crystal ball is a bit cloudy. Maybe you should use some windex or something?

  5. Take That was big here, too. They’re apparently re-forming, though I’m not clear if it’s just for studio albums or for real. At least one teenage girl committed suicide when they broke up, because they were HUGE in Britain.