BFO323 – Rainbow Sherbert

That Fat One is full of information today.  If you love a quiz program, you’ll want to get your pencil and paper ready.  Happy Queen’s Day (in Amsterdam).



  1. Some of those quiz programs sound like they might be worth watching this summer.

  2. Please do another LEGENDARY Drunkie Cast!

  3. Great, finally you managed to establish a link to sweet Jane 🙂 You made my big fat lesbian heart happy, because Jane rocks!

    xo kb

  4. Oh, look, how little Daniel Beaver tries to immitate your daily 20minutes of goodness formate – but honestly, no one does that like the international porkcasting celebrity Big Fatty 🙂

    But good for you Daniel, it is always wise to learn from the best 🙂

  5. Tell me darling, do you have a remote for that thing? I guess sometimes it has its advantages to work in a coal mine 🙂